On the links ABOVE you will find useful information to help you in your officiating education. There are Power Point presentations on refereeing; line judging duties; score keeping and Libero Control duties. There are printable examples of the score sheets and a summary of the score sheet. You can also find Reference Manuals for both and even a video showing the NET Violation Examples.


Test for both Referring and Scorekeeping should be printed, answered, and brought to practice so that we can go over them and make sure they are answered 100% Correct. This needs to be finished before February. You may use the Domestic Competition Regulations, Scorekeeper Reference, Referee Reference, or any of the other materials here to answer the questions.


Coaches will be rating you using the Rating sheets. Look at them and be sure that you understand what is required of you in all roles as a member of the Officiating team. When you pass the Ratings process then I can get you Certified as a JR. Scorekeeper, R1 and/or R2.††  


Remember it is important to us as a club, not only to strive to be the best athletes and the best teams, but to also strive to be the best officials that we can be. When youíre on the court as an athlete you want to have the fairest officials and focused scorekeepers you can get. So letís be the best and use the materials that are made available to us. Study this page and all the material in it and letís make ZOOM Volleyball the ĎAll around Bestí.